Why Is Cityville By Zynga So Popular?


CityVille is Zynga’s newest game on Facebook which released in November 2010 following the success of Zynga’s other games such as Cafe World and FrontierVille. With 72 million people playing CityVille in December 2010, surpassing FarmVille as Zynga’s most popular game, and after spending a good amount of time playing CityVille myself, I was left wondering: Why is this game even so popular? Since its launch Cityville is one of the popular games that are played on mobile or through Facebook. These are quite addictive as well, pussy888 apk is an app that you can use to play more fun and addictive games like CityVille itself.

More of the Same Without Innovation

CityVille has a lot of the same mechanics that have been dominant in Zynga’s previous successes and if you’ve played any of Zynga’s earlier games you’ll likely notice those design elements within the first few levels of gameplay. For instance, if you change clicking on animals every day in FrontierVille when they’re ready with clicking on buildings in CityVille you have the same exact formula cleverly disguised as “different” because of the different environment.

Instead of farming animals on a quiet farm you’re essentially farming buildings in a bustling city. Unfortunately, CityVille’s cities aren’t all that bustling. You have the usual and expected hindrancessuch as asking neighbors for building materials (this time disguised as getting your Facebook friends to accept your requests to become members in your city buildings such as City Hall), and you can’t add more housing and residents until you fully complete those types of buildings, sometimes requiring up to eight friends to accept the request separately which can be time consuming depending on how many friends you have actively playing.

You also have small plots of ground that can be farmed similar to Zynga’s most popular game, Farmville. This is important since you will get goods upon harvesting the full grown crops which you can then use to keep your businesses supplied and selling goods to your townsfolk. This may seem innovative at first, but it is basically the same as FarmVille’s growing crops for bushels and using the bushels to keep your crafting buildings full of crafted goods.

The only real innovative, or at the very least different, gameplay element CityVille offers is that you can set up business franchises in friends’ cities that benefit both you and your friend. Unfortunately this isn’t a huge, game changing element and doesn’t offer enough to set CityVille up as unique.

So Called “Quests”

The quests, or missions in CityVille are just a rehash of the same type of missions that gave FrontierVille it’s huge success months earlier. They mostly ask you to buy a certain object or building and place so many of them, whether or not you want that item. Quests in Zynga’s games need to start offering more freedom in what you do by giving players a real goal to work towards, instead of telling them what to buy, do or plant and when to do so. Those aren’t quests, they’re orders with bonuses for completing them.

Then Why is CityVille Successful?

CityVille doesn’t offer any new or exciting ideas for Facebook games in general, although it is probably the best city building game on Facebook. That however, isn’t saying much. If you were to compare CityVille to the popular PC game Sim City you’d see that CityVille is severely lacking.

CityVille is a lot of more of the same that Zynga has cleverly disguised. Zynga has the benefit of being the biggest social games developer out there and so they don’t need a lot of innovation to keep people playing. They have the advantage of sheer numbers. There are millions of players who have “liked” various Zynga games and when Zynga releases a new game they post that on all their other games’ feeds which is free advertising for them. A lot of players will see that wall post and try out the new game, many getting hooked. What’s unfortunate is that there a lot of Facebook games out there that do offer innovation and are trying something new but struggle to get even a few hundred thousand monthly players despite being innovative and fun. They simply don’t have the millions of players that they can freely advertise to. So even though you may feel comfortable playing Zynga’s most popular games, you may want to get out there and try some of the other innovative games on Facebook to see what they have to offer. The next page offers a few suggestions.

Braaains, a zombie raising and battling game. Animal Party, a game where you rescue animals on outer space planets by feeding them strange foods. Wildlife Refuge, set in Africa where you have to go on expeditions in the wild rescuing hurt animals you find and rehabilitatingthem at your wildlife base. Ninja Saga, a game with highly animated battles where you are a ninja in training, is a game sporting a lot unique features. These are just a few of the better but lesser known Facebook games, there are many others waiting to be found.